The Ultimate Back to School Guide for Shawnee Trail


The Ultimate Back-to-School Checklist 
for Twin Hickory Elementary — 2019-2020

▢  New to the county or to our school?  Click here for all the information you need to get your child registered and enrolled.

▢  Buy school supplies

 ▢  Fill out forms

 ▢ Attend Open House & Back-to-School Nights 

Bring your school supplies, meet your child's teacher, introduce yourself to THES staff (including the art, music and PE teachers), get to know the PTA, and get excited about school!

  • Thursday, August 29 -  2:30-4:00 - Kindergarten Open House
  • Friday, August 30 -  9:30-11:00 -  1st-5th Grade Open House 
  • Thursday, September 19  - 7:00 -  Back-to-School Night

See the full calendars:  




▢   Twin Hickory Elementary PTA —  Get involved!

• Register /Login — then join PTA!  

  • Sign up/Log in: Our PTA utilizes an online service called Membership Toolkit to work together for the good of our kids. (Registering is free for families!)
  • Join the Club: Once you've updated your family information and privacy preferences, join our PTA Trailblazer Club for the current school year for as little as $5!  (As always, volunteering and meetings are TOTALLY optional. But we invite you to do both, and hope you will!)

Already have a Membership Toolkit account (with another organization or from a previous year)? Use the same log-in here!

 My Volunteer Interests & Skills—  Volunteering at Twin Hickory Elementary is most welcome! The PTA coordinates many of our volunteer efforts, and we would LOVE to serve with you! Tell us how you would enjoy being involved at Twin Hickory Elementary, and we will find a place for you to help. 


▢  Background Check

If you plan to enter our school for any reason (beyond stopping in at the front office), you will need to have an approved Henrico County Volunteer Application on file. These need to be renewed each school year. 


▢  Stay Informed


The Basics 

School Hours


Plan to be at school early. The building opens for students at 7:50 and the tardy bell rings at 8:10.


If your child will go home a different way than normal (with a friend, for example), let both your child’s teacher and the office know— all changes must be in writing!


School Schedule (Full Day):

7:50 - 8:10 AM - Student Arrival

8:05 AM - Warning Bell rings

8:10 AM - Tardy Bell rings

2:40 PM - Bus riders and students in grades K-1 Car and Daycare Dismissal

2:45 PM - Students in grades 2-5 Dismissal to Daycare and Car Loop

2:50 PM - Walker Dismissal

2:55 PM: Staff Meetings begin and Classrooms closed to students/parents

4:00 PM: Office closes

Half Day Dismissal

Buses are dismissed by Announcements starting at 11:35 AM.


The schedule is as follows:

11:35 AMBell:  KG and 1st Grade ONLY  Daycare, and Car Loop

11:40 AM – Bell:  2nd – 5th Grade student report to Daycare, and Car Loop

11:45 AM – Bell:  Walkers dismissed to appropriate doors


Top 10 








Mrs. Davis


Resource Teacher  

Mrs. Council






Mrs. Helquist







Mrs. Fair





Ms. Coor


Front Office

Ms. Reid







If your child will
be absent...

notify our Registrar and
your child’s teacher.

  • Child’s name
  • Child’s teacher
  • Parent contact number
  • Reason for absence


Keep your child home

he/she has diarrhea,
pink eye, or a fever higher than 100.4

Have your ID scanned

If you would like to visit your child at lunch or attend parties,  have your driver’s license or ID scanned at the front office.





Mr. Shope




Mr. Coffman



Mrs. Poulos



Ms. Brancato








Fun Events

Attending fun events helps kids feel they are part of a safe and thriving community. This year, the school and PTA are working together to bring the fun to Twin Hickory. Plan to attend at least one event with your child. Here's what we did last year:


Fall Festival 

Blazer Blasts (2)

Fall Book Fair

Holiday Shop



Books for Bingo

Spring Book Fair

Neighborhood Night

Blazer Blasts (2)



After School 


All requests for transportation changes should be received in writing on the day of the requested change.  These requests should be turned in to your child’s classroom teacher. To avoid confusion at dismissal time and to ensure your child’s safety, the school cannot honor requests made by phone or email.

Carpool & Walking


Amazingly, it only takes about 15 minutes to dismiss 600 kids and clear the carpool lanes. So be patient. You’ll be home before you know it!





When in Carpool Lanes

  • Display your child’s carpool tag

  • Stay in your vehicle and pull forward as far as you can.  A teacher will bring your child to your car at pick up.

  • For safety, students should enter and exit vehicles — using the door closest to the curb.

When Walking 

  • ALWAYS use the crosswalks.
    Do not cross in the middle of the street or parking lot.

  • Wait to ride bikes and scooters until you are off school property.




8 Great Ways to Get Involved 





1—Join PTA — and use your powers for good 

Twin Hickory’s PTA is a great group of teachers and parents who combine talents to make Twin Hickory a better place for kids. Explore membership, volunteering and leadership options on this website.


2— Attend SCHOOL events!

Mark the school and PTA events on your calendar, and make every effort to attend when you can! Your presence will absolutely delight your kids. See the Events schedule.


3— Have a lunch date with your child!

Certain tables are reserved in the cafeteria each day, so that you can have lunch with your child. Bring Chick-fil-a or a cupcake and enjoy their company for 30 minutes. Note that classmates cannot join you. This is meant to be time with your own child.


4—Take part in the discussion

Attend the site-based Parent Info meetings. You can also follow the THES Twitter feed and the THES PTA's Facebook page.


Facebook  Twitter   



5—Join the “ROOM PARENTS” team

Support your child’s teacher and work with others parents in the same grade to coordinate and lead classroom parties and other events during the school year. Kids LOVE these parties, and look forward to them eagerly. More info here.


6—Attend the parties!

Join your child for their class parties! Sign up to run a center, bring in supplies, or just offer help in any way you can!


7—Do just a little

When we as busy parents commit to doing just a little each year, we accomplish a lot as a group! Whether it’s cutting shapes at home while you watch TV or making copies at school for an hour once per week, your little effort can make a big difference in our community. Volunteer opportunities include: Library Volunteering, Copy Crew, Lunchroom Volunteering, and Learning Garden Volunteering.  Not able to sign up for a recurring slot, but interested in helping when you can? COME ANY TIME! Just be sure to have your HCPS Volunteer Form completed and submitted 2 days in advance.


8— Take on a leadership role

If you have some extra time, care about kids, and work well with other adults, leadership may be a good fit for you! Contact our PTA president if you would consider a more active role.




Support our kids! 



 You are invited to join us as strong supporters of kids at Twin Hickory!   




Our PTA subscribes to Membership Toolkit —an online service that makes it easier to work together. Please register —it's free to families. Then join PTA for the current school year for $5/person!  Volunteering and meetings are TOTALLY optional— but we invite you to do both, and hope you will!  


Already have a Membership Toolkit account (with another organization or from a previous year)? Use the same log-in here!

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