September 2019


Welcome to the 2019-20 school year! 


As I sit writing this letter, my children are tucked into bed, dreaming those amazing childhood dreams, preparing to wake up and live their best life for the remaining days of summer. I'm reflecting on the past few years of Back to School time, how each year my soon-to-be 4th graders and rising 1st grader haven't complained or become sad at the end of the summer, but instead become excited for school to start, to talk and play with friends and visit with teachers, to go back to the amazing place that accepts them for who they are, and helps them realize just what they can be. THES isn't just a school.  It's a community. 


We make it one. Communities don't just happen. We take the time to get to know one another. We commiserate as we make the long trek from the furthest parking spots across the road on Back to School night. We smile and laugh with the kids on crazy sock days. We play games at Fall Festival, watch our Admin team and Teachers perform at Blazer Blasts, serve teachers during Appreciation Week, chat at parent info meetings, and help each other get the best photos at school concerts. We choose to be here; we choose to be engaged. We are mothers and fathers, grandparents, family members, friends, neighbors, and teachers - WE are the THES Community.


I stumbled upon this advice written by a former PTA President: "Take the time to be here. Do a bit more than you want. Accept the inconvenience. It's rewarding, it'll mean the world to your kids, and someday soon they'll be off on their own, not needing you anywhere near as much as now."

Grab this moment, in other words, while you have it.


It's excellent advice. So let's give of ourselves however we can this year. There are so many ways to help nurture what we have here. Whether it's volunteering in the cafeteria, library or copy room, making treats for the teachers, donating books to the library, reading to your student's class, taking care of the garden, or contributing to our Trailblazer Club fundraising campaign, by giving your time, talents, or treasure, you will make a difference in this community. 


Every child, every parent, every educator can grow here, if we let them. So let's see how great we can make this school - this community - for our kids this year.  What better goal could there be? 


Heidi Philyaw
President, Twin Hickory Elementary School PTA 



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