Each year, the school community comes together to nominate a volunteer who has gone above and beyond over the course of the current school year.  Nominations can be submitted by anyone (teachers, staff, parents, neighbors).  The 2019-20 Volunteer of the Year will be announced on Volunteer Appreciation Day, April 20th.





Recurring opportunities are below.  Remember, we welcome you to volunteer in the lunchroom, library, or learning garden any day, whether you've signed up for a recurring shift or not!



When adults volunteer, all students benefit. There are many opportunities for parents and community members to get involved. Any amount of time that you can give to our school is a great help: there are opportunities that require as little time as 1 hour per month or less, and even some you can do from home or outside of regular school hours. Please take a moment to review all of the volunteer opportunities at our school and indicate your areas of interest: 

Once you've completed the form, your preferences are kept on file and someone will be in touch if your help is needed in the areas you indicate.






All volunteers must complete the Henrico County Schools Volunteer Application each school year. Once completed it must be turned in and will be kept on file with the front office. The form can be found here: VOLUNTEER APPLICATION


Recurring Volunteer Opportunities 


You can volunteer to work 1 or 2 hours per day, as little as once per month!  This job is as simple as walking around and handing out napkins or helping children open items from their lunch.  It is really easy and you get to see your child at lunch! If you would like to volunteer in the Lunchroom,  please complete the Lunchroom Volunteer form.


Or contact our Lunchroom Volunteer Coordinator.



Could you spare 1 hour per month to re-shelve books and complete other small but fun tasks in the library? Every little bit helps our awesome Librarian and staff! Complete the Library Volunteer Form to volunteer.


Or contact our Library Volunteer Coordinator.




This is a one hour per week volunteering opportunity that allows you to help our wonderful teachers and staff by making copies. If you would like to volunteer in the Copy Workroom please complete the Copy Crew Volunteer form.


Or contact our VP of Volunteers.





Could you spare 1 hour per month to weed, water, and/or harvest (as well as any other tasks you choose to do based on your gardening experience!) in the learning garden? Every little bit helps keep this amazing resource open to our school community. Complete the Learning Garden Volunteer Form to volunteer.

Or contact our Grounds & Beautification Coordinator.