Yearbooks are being printed and will arrive mid-June.

  • Books ordered before the order-deadline will be shipped directly to your home for free in June *if* you added your mailing address to your profile by May 15th. 
  • If you didn't enter your mailing address into your profile, books will still be shipped but to the yearbook coordinator. Look for details on how and when you can get your yearbook later in June.


  • Anybody looking to purchase a yearbook still can! The books can be shipped directly to your home for just $2.99. Enter your mailing address at checkout to have your book sent to your house. 


What About Signing Each Others' Yearbooks This Year?!




For the 2019-2020 school year, we helped plant 230 trees through our yearbook orders.







 Our yearbook is a photo-compilation of your child's school year and a very popular keepsake for the kids.  It contains over 65 pages of school-year memories including event photos, class pictures, candid photos, and more. It's also a highlight of the year for your child when they receive the yearbook at the end of the school year and get signatures and notes from teachers and friends. We do our best to make sure every child is pictured several times in the yearbook! AND! Two FREE pages are included in each yearbook for you to customize with your own family or other photos. You can even add additional customize-able pages to turn your yearbook into a true memory book for your child.



A few notes:

  • Each yearbook only costs $30.00. Our PTA uses the sale of these books as a fundraiser, so a small portion of the sale price goes right back to our school for improvements in the classroom!

  • Your 2 free custom pages are optional, if you don’t customize you’ll receive a standard yearbook (both options are still $30). Think of these pages as a scrapbook of the memories you choose to add. Additional pages are available to purchase.

  • Yearbooks can be ordered through Spring of the current school-year to be delivered to the classrooms at the end of the school-year.  Your child won't want to miss out on receiving their yearbook in class and getting friends' signatures!


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Help us give your children their best yearbook ever by submitting pictures for possible inclusion in the yearbook.  


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