Share Your Pictures, Make Our Yearbook Great!

Your child wants to be in the yearbook. You want your child in the yearbook. We want photos of your child in the yearbook. Let's get those photos in the yearbook!! Please help us give your children their best yearbook ever by submitting pictures for possible inclusion in the yearbook.

Photo-sharing options:






 When uploading or sending us photos:

  • Include your contact information and any information about the photo (i.e., Who is in it? What is the event/activity? Where/When was it taken?).                                                                        
  • Submit only your BEST photos                                                                                                
  • Submit pictures of events as they happen or as soon as possible.


 Examples of pictures needed:

  • Fall Festival
  • Classroom activities (Class Parties  *  Projects  *  Special guests or presentations)
  • Spirit Days (Dress-up days * Walk-to-School Day * Earth Week activities  * More)
  • Grade-level Performances
  • Field Trips
  • Candid shots and More!


If you have questions or need other options, email